Tuesday, July 3, 2018

My Visit to the Post Office

I had to send a package to a PO Box address, so I wandered on down to the local branch of the Post Office on Monday.

I also had to mail an overseas package which I would normally ship via Federal Express but seeing as  I was at the Post Office, I decided to mail it from there.

When I entered the post office, the first thing I noticed was, surprise, that there was a long line. I wasn't sure which US Post Office envelope to use for the international package, so I wandered off to the front on the side to read the signs that are above the clerks describing what envelopes go with which services along with the prices.

A clerk shouted to me, "The signs aren't right." "Oh," I replied

Thinking she most likely meant the prices were off, I noticed an international service called "Priority Express Flat Envelop."

So I went to the supply area to get one of those envelopes. But the area looked like a Venezuelan-style grocery store.

The shelves were bare. I mean bare. There was no "Priority Express Flat Envelop" and pretty much nothing else.

I am not exaggerating. Long line to the left and empty shelves:

So I stood in line, socialist Venezuela style, and waited my turn. When I got to a clerk, I explained I was looking for a "Priority Express Flat Envelop."  She reached behind her and handed me one.

I said, "I notice your shelves are pretty empty. Is this branch being closed down?"

Her reply, "No, it has been too busy to stock."

This is utterly remarkable. In a country where there are free market stores everywhere to provide examples of how stores can be kept stocked, a government enterprise still can't figure it out.

And American socialists want government to be in charge of healthcare!




  1. They want that for the same reason they want a universal basic income, free college, free birth control, etc. They want to live at the expense of everyone else. The only problem is this is delusional. But that never stopped church-goers or anarchists, so why should it stop them?

  2. This reminds me of the old SNL phone company skit.

  3. I am amazed you would expect any other experience with a state run operation RW.