Tuesday, July 10, 2018

New Walter Block Book: "Space Capitalism: How Humans will Colonize Planets, Moons, and Asteroids"

From the blurb:

This book compares and contrasts the motivations, morality, and effectiveness of space exploration when pursued by private entrepreneurs as opposed to government. The authors advocate market-driven, private initiatives take the lead through enhanced competition and significant resources that can be allocated to the exploration and exploitation of outer space. Space travel and colonisation is analysed through the prism of economic freedom and laissez faire capitalism, in a unique and accessible book.

Order the book here.


  1. Whoa, that's a pricey book. I'll wait for cheaper options.

  2. I wonder what their proposed policy is for illegal aliens?

  3. Hard to take anyone serious after campaigning libertarians to vote, let alone for Trump.

  4. got to get to the moon first

    1. Okay, but see Robert Zubrin's recent thing on The Mars Society channel about how the latest moon shit is the usual front-loading and political engineering.