Saturday, July 21, 2018

‘Shocking' and 'Bogus': China's Foreign Ministry Rebukes Trump's Top Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow

It's getting ugly.

On Wednesday, Larry Kudlow, who head’s the White House Economic Council, said that while some lower-ranking Chinese officials were prepared to reach a deal, President Xi Jinping was refusing to compromise over Beijing’s trade policies.

In an interview at CNBC's Delivering Alpha conference in New York, Kudlow said: “I don’t think President Xi at the moment has any intention of following through on the discussion we made and I think the president is so dissatisfied with China on these so-called talks that he is keeping the pressure on — and I support that.”

In response, China’s foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said: “That the relevant United States official unexpectedly distorted the facts and made bogus accusations is shocking and beyond imagination.”

“The United States' flip-flopping and promise-breaking is recognized globally," she added during a regular briefing in Beijing on Thursday.


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