Monday, August 20, 2018

Dispatch 5: Another "Socialist Experiment" is Going Horrifically in the Wrong Direction; Socialism is Not a Walk in the Park

Dispatch 5
From: The Committee to Flip Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
To: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Subject: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Socialism is Not a Walk in the Park
Prepared by: Robert Wenzel
Date: August 20, 2018

The Wall Street Journal reports:
The exodus of Venezuelans gained pace as the government’s plans to address the collapsing economy fueled anxiety, while tensions grew in neighboring countries that have strained to absorb refugees.

Over the weekend, Venezuela’s battered business sector warned that
President Nicolás Maduro’s plans—including a leap in the minimum wage, new taxes and a currency devaluation—would paralyze the economy and drive more people out. About 2.3 million have fled since 2014, according to United Nations estimates...
For many who remain, it seems as if Venezuela is splitting at the seams. Rolling blackouts have crimped oil output, energy consultants said...
The president’s new measures include a new currency called the sovereign bolivar, which will lop five zeros off the existing tender. Many economists said the move fails to address the real cause of inflation: uncontrolled printing of money.

The rollout comes as Mr. Maduro plans to raise the minimum wage to about $30 a month from less than $1.

Economists warn the measures will drive inflation even higher than the 1,000,000% the International Monetary Fund projects this year. The government, which is in default on $6 billion in debt, is expected to print more bank notes to make up for a loss of export earnings that has come with the drop in oil production.

The president has also pledged to raise the price of subsidized gasoline, which in the past has sparked riots. The plan is for subsidies to be maintained with the national identification Fatherland Card, which critics said is used for social control. 
Yet, socialists here in America, who fail to understand the connection between socialism and economic, disaster think socialism is literally a walk in the park.
But this is what really occurs when there isn't a capitalist system to support public parks:

Alexandria, please think about this. Would you be willing to pose with those now in poverty in socialist Venezuela? And if you are going to argue that central planning hasn't worked because of bad leaders, please ask yourself why central planning has led to bad leaders like Hitler (Nazi = National Socialist German Workers' Party member) Stalin and Mao who were responsible for deaths of tens of millions.

Did Hayek have it right in Chapter 10 of the Road to Serfdom that under socialism, "The Worst Get On Top"?

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  1. If only Pocahontas had her ear to the ground on some of your posts.

  2. So, leftists are already blaming all this on U.S. covert intervention. Of course, the CIA et al can't RESIST meddling in Venezuela en affairs. So, the U.S. makes a very convenient scapegoat OUT OF ITSELF once again (ala Cuba). I don't think this is coincidence. If the U.S. left them alone, they'd go down the toilet very well on their own. But now, the U.S. hands them a "Get out of jail free" card. There's an agenda here.

    1. The Left can't decide whether they love CIA or hate it. Of course, doublethink is the core of their Orwellian creed.