Friday, September 14, 2018

EXPOSED How Government Zoning Laws Are Holding Back America's Cities

I would say this is almost a great video, except it doesn't once point out that it is government that introduced the zoning laws that created such terrible building plans.

I have to think it is the Koch funded beltarian-style thinking of the GMU-affiliated Institute for Humane Studies that causes the glaring omission.

Never upset a member of the government, you see.

Please understand this when viewing the otherwise excellent video:


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  1. The modernists are now being replaced with new urbanists. The later like the former is using zoning and centralized planning. While new urbanists rail against single family homes they are simply looking to impose their ideas instead. For instance, while their predecessors demanded off street parking, they prohibit it. Zoning won't be going away any time soon but it may change what is demanded.