Monday, September 10, 2018

Things You May Want to Buy Now Before Trump's Tariffs Kick In

The items below are all primarily supplied by China and are on the 25% tariff list.

Cell phones

Laptops and tablets

Toys for children of 3 to 12 years of age

Computer monitors

Video game consoles

Household upholstered seats with wooden frames

Other toys

Aluminum wheels

Made up textile articles
Upholstered chairs with wooden frames

Plastic tableware and kitchenware

Vacuum cleaners, < 1500W

Vinyl flooring tiles

Gym articles and equipment

TV boxes

Metal furniture (excl. office & household)

Plastic hygenic or toilet articles

Electric lamps and lighting fittings

Christmas ornaments except of wood

Toys for children of less than 3 years of age

Wooden kitchen cabinets

All-in-one desktop computers

Electrothermic appliances, domestic

Women footwear with plastic/rubber uppers

(Source: Based on USTR and U.S. Dep't of Commerce tariff lists and ITC Trade Map via TradeNews Centre)