Wednesday, October 10, 2018

An Unsolicited Email

An unsolicited email from an EPJ Daily Alert reader:
Well Done Bob!
You called for a short in your EPJ Alert ahead of time...Kudos!
This is what I wrote in the ALERT on Friday (red highlight in original:

The odds of the economy and stock market chugging along without a significant break are very low.
Money supply growth just does not appear strong enough to sustain the stock market strength and general overall strong economic numbers.

The foundational current weakness in the stock market is likely the current sluggish
money supply growth. It suggests at a minimum a very dangerous period ahead for
the general stock market....with the present stock market weakness in a sluggish money supply environment, I expect it to get much more serious on the downside.
I am now advising short-term aggressive risk-oriented traders to go short the general market.
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Past spectacular calls do not  guarantee future spectacular calls.

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  1. FYI, as an Alert subscriber, you've been warning about this for weeks. I took action with a long call on .VIX for 21. At the time I bought it a couple of weeks ago, .VIX was hovering around 12. Today the market closed with .VIX at about 23. While not a true short position, still this action paid for years of your Alert.