Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Socialists Are Now Pitching Universal Healthcare as a "Jobs Program"

Clueless about the nature of job creation.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweets:

Which means she is as dumb as Trump when it comes to jobs.

Markets clear, including the jobs market. No "jobs programs" are required.

The only thing that socialist healthcare can do is shift jobs in a distorted manner that will result in greater inefficiencies in the jobs market and in healthcare.



  1. She would be of more use if the got medical training in something and offered her services for 'free'. She is not hideous for a leftist female, so I'm sure some well off guy would not mind marrying her and keeping her busy making a sandwich when she is not doing charity work.But she is another lazy parasite incapable of offering anything of value to this economy.

  2. There are those on the left and the right that advocate for slavery. Some not as subtle as other.

  3. Government medical care is key to managing a population. Since people's choices often have some impact on health or risk of injury the socialization of the cost of care gives a great deal of power to the management of the collective. It can be leveraged to forbid any number of activities especially practicing those skills that allow a person to be independent. You might hurt yourself working on a car so only government licensed mechanics are allowed. You might hurt yourself soldering a pipe so only government licensed plumbers are allowed. You might fall from a bicycle so you aren't allowed to ride a bicycle. The list of government intrusions it justifies are endless as the imagination. That power is what is desired. The rest is just how they are scamming people into it.

  4. Medicare has been predicted to be broke in eight years - by 2026. Expanding this program to all doesn’t seem to be a great plan for health care let alone a jobs program.

    I love the rhetoric, “Payment-free at the point of service.” Throw the word free in there and people love it.

  5. She's part of the Hegelian dialectics called politics. She is so far left, Tulsi Gabbard (great on foreign policy, but a leftist nonetheless), becomes a centrist candidate.

    Ocasio-Cortez is antithesis to Gabbard's synthesis as the nation continues on its path toward socialism.