Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Socialists Are Everywhere

Ana Kasparian, Bill Kristol and Dr. Drew Pinsky, they are all a bunch of socialists.
By Robert Wenzel

I am at Politicon Los Angeles 2018, which brings in political speakers from across the political perspective. 

Politicon has indeed done an impressive job of bringing in everyone from Tucker Carlson to Chris Christie to Kathy Griffin. But what strikes me is that the sessions, that could be classified as socialist-leaning, are gaining the largest crowds by far.

I attended a session titled, "Medicare For All," with panelists, Ana Kasparian, Bill Kristol, Dr. Drew Pinsky and George Halvorson (Mo'Kelly was the moderator). Not one of them brought up the idea of free market healthcare. The debate was all about what kind of government program should be instituted.

When anyone called for Medicare for all, or universal healthcare, raucous cheers erupted from the large crowd.

And after his performance on this panel, I am not sure why Kristol should have even the label "neo-conservative" attached to his name.

We all know he is a war hawk and terrible from the non-interventionist foreign policy perspective. But by being called a neo-conservative, there is a hint that he is in someway desirous of at least some small government, perhaps on the domestic front.

But here is what he said about socialist government controlled healthcare while on the panel.

He said he agreed with government research in the healthcare sector and said he was in favor of reforms to the current government system, but would only go as far as calling for "reforms" of the system, rather than calling for getting government out of the sector.

Kristol did get slightly triggered when he pointed out that it was politically difficult to change the system because most people on Medicare like the system. He got loudly jeered by the audience when he said that. He responded, "Look, I might as well stop now. I am just pointing out a fact." The moderator cooled him down.

But this crowd wasn't interested in facts from a generally sympathetic panelist. They wanted 100% calls for universal healthcare immediately and nothing else. 

Later in the day, I stopped in on the panel discussion, "Should We Be Socialist?", the audience was once again large and loud, cheering loudly as every panelist was introduced.

The first three panelists all stated that they were in favor of significant intervention in the economy but all seemed to agree that "complete government takeover of all property" was not necessary. The audience cheered everyone of these panelists with their different takes on how government should control the economy.

The fourth panelist stated that he was a "capitalist" but then said he understood there were problems with corporations that needed to be brought under control.

I walked out of the room.

As much as the total lack of consideration of free markets was something to experience first hand. What was really stunning was that the hardcore socialist-like sessions were the convention events that had the largest attendance and the crowds were the most rowdy, almost aggressive---by far.

The other events were academic and polite in comparison and with much smaller crowds.

If this is any indication of what is going on in America, there is a lot of trouble ahead. The socialists are everywhere. They are loud, aggressive and don't want to listen to any kind of analysis. They just want power now to rule all of us so that they can declare free everything.

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  1. That's why I don't have children. It's only a matter of time until the US becomes Venezuela. There is no stopping it. The UK is already lost. May God help the children of those reading this in the future.

  2. That is terrifying. The Free Stuff crowd is getting more desperate and larger.

  3. There's no stopping this train. Get out of its way and let it crash. Our best shit is not fight it and hope it runs it's course quickly. Protect yourself, get your money into a trust fund in the cook islands, stock your cellar and clean your guns.

  4. I would think something like Politicon would attract more big government types than those that prefer freedom. Isn’t that part of our problem? We are busy trying to produce. Socialist don’t want to produce. They want to take so politics is their hunting grounds.

  5. The 11 disillusioned Marxists in Nazi Germany (known as the School of Frankfort), moved to the United States in the 1930's, and took advantage of the robber baron, Andrew Carnegie's, successful removal of critical thinking from the College curriculum, to infiltrate the U.S.major colleges and universities with rabid Marxism as a religion. Harvard being the first, Columbia, U. of Chicago U. of Calif. and their poison spread through the use of tenure and their demand for regurgitated learning without any meaningful thought processes of their students. They have been extremely successful in the creation of a non- thinking population by the continual generational regurgitation in order to get an overpriced piece of paper, a degree in order for success. Which is why we have corporate support , google, facebook, amazon Progressive Ins, Peter Lewis.... and a former National Socialist, Nazi Jew, George Soros funding most of the Marxist agenda.

  6. The Idiocracy thrives and is emboldened. This train is going to derail and when it does they will be the first to perish and it will look a lot like Snowpiercer and be just as catastrophic. Let the winnowing commence!