Monday, October 15, 2018

Trump Says Sears Was Mismanaged; Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Was on Its Board

President Donald Trump this morning while answering reporters question said that Sears Holdings Corp., which had just declared bankruptcy, had been mismanaged for years.

His Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, was a member of Sears’s board from 2005 and remained until December 2016, just before joining the incoming Trump Administration.

“Sears has been dying for many years,” Trump told reporters as he departed the White House to inspect hurricane damage in Florida. “It’s been obviously improperly run for many years and it’s a shame.”

According to Bloomberg, Mnuchin was a college roommate of Sears Chairman Eddie Lampert, who attended Mnuchin’s confirmation hearing for Treasury secretary in January 2017.



  1. Trump’s companies have filed for bankruptcy six times. When Clinton brought this up in a debate The Donald responded, “…we used certain laws that are there.”

    So the Pres knows a something about bankruptcies and mismanagement.

  2. Sears the buggy whip had many chances to be Sears the Maserati! Okay maybe I exaggerate, however they had many opportunities to evolve and didnt.