Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Trump Says U.S. Will Build "Tent Cities" for Asylum Seekers

Yet another method Trump is attempting to discourage people from trying to start a better life here in the United States.

During an interview with Fox News' Laura Ingraham on Monday, he said that his administration plans to build "tent cities" to hold immigrants who have entered the U.S., applied for asylum and are awaiting trial:

If they apply for asylum, we are going to hold them ... We are going to build tent cities. We're going to put tents up all over the place. We're not going to build structures and ... spend all of these of hundreds of millions of dollars. We are going to have tents, they are going to be very nice, and they are going to wait. And if they don't get asylum, they get out.
Listen to his own words on how he is plotting to discourage those who are attempting to come here to work (starts at 13:01).



  1. Maybe RW can parachute into this mob and hand them one of this books:


    The second migrant caravan, believed to be armed with bombs and guns, crossed into Mexico on Monday despite a huge police presence.

    Yeah, just 'nice' people who want to work.

  2. They need to seal the border once and for all. Allowing all of these illegals in here to go on the dole is an assault on the taxpayers. We are all forced to pay for these undocumented democratic voters. The folks in the "open borders" crowd should be calling for the dismantling of the welfare system before they start welcoming in these future food stamp/EBT recipients. Once the welfare system is eradicated, then I'll go for open borders. When RW says Trump is trying to stop these people from having a better life, he is ignoring the rest of us poor saps that will actually have to pay for this. Unbelievable.

    1. If we get rid of welfare, then we need to get rid of minimum wage, so all the people can find jobs to put food on the table.

    2. That's fine with me. Minimum wage laws are BS; they defy logic. We all know they decimate lower level jobs. But, hey, let's just bring in more unemployable migrants to go on the dole. You can't go on inviting in countless migrants until you fix the present system. Someday these "libertarians" will understand this, perhaps when everything finally implodes.

    3. No, libertardians are like the left. They will only get it when these turd world migrants are in their gated or whitopia neighborhoods and their wife or daughter is being raped on the dining room table. But hey, all cultures are equal. I guess we can overlook any diseases they bring in or their cultural issues which made their countries poop holes in the first place. To deny otherwise would be 'da rasis'.

    4. Caleb, There's more than simply welfare and various handout programs as so much in the way of services and infrastructure have been socialized into taxes.
      Chubba, I've been making the order of operations argument here for quite some time. It's like talking to a wall. Maybe they'll get it when they pay out 70% of their income as taxes. If not there maybe at 95%. New schools will need building for millions upon millions of dollars, more teachers hired, more administrators at 100-250K/yr plus pension. It ain't cheap. And we'll need more roads or transit or whatever and that will cost money. Someone has to pay and squeezing the migrants for it won't be worth the effort.

    5. JJM, I understand why the "order of operations" argument sounds plausible, but at its core it gives intellectual license to the state to keep growing in one area in the false hope that this will lead to more liberty, which of course is a contradiction. As Jacob Hornberger has noted, if you argue for state management of borders, even "just until we've gotten the population mix we want," you get: highway checkpoints and intrusive vehicle and body searches, and possible vehicle or cash seizure; warrantless trespasses onto private property and disruption of private businesses; detainment, imprisonment, and deportation of those who are not living off welfare but don't have state sanction to be here; and possible seizure of private property under eminent domain to enable construction of "the wall." Plus taxes to pay for all of this.

      There are many more citizens on welfare than immigrants, so if your concern is to shrink the welfare tax, you should direct your efforts at shrinking the welfare state.

      And we have the welfare-warfare state we have through the votes and support of many citizens of western European heritage. That heritage is no longer a sign of respect for liberty; support for liberty has to be assessed at the individual level, not based on identity.

  3. In a rational world Catholic charities and clever entrepreneurs would be meeting these guys at the border and helping them make the next step.

  4. In these tent cities, will we see big signs on each tent, "TRUMP CANOPY"?

  5. The whole open borders thing is a scam by the democrats and some oblivious libertarians. They want more democrat voters and entice them to come here with free handouts (at taxpayer expense). They are marching in the caravan whilst waving foreign flags. If these migrants were coming here to vote republican, I can assure you that the dems would put razor wire, mines, and tanks along the southern border. I can't believe any libertarian would not support a wall. So much for defending private property rights, eh?

  6. We need secured borders but we also need a viable functional immigration system.

    As for for my prior comment, I was being overly simplistic. I am well aware that there is more socialism built into the system already than just simple welfare handouts etc. It is like a house of cards though; start taking some cards out of the stack and leaving the others eventually a collapse will happen. Need to be careful and cautious about dismantling and dismantle it in a proper order.