Friday, October 26, 2018

Trump Weighing Plan that Would Close Border to All Central American Migrants

President Trump is considering a complete shut down of the southern US border to Central American immigrants and the deployment of 1,000 troops to the region in advance of a “caravan” of migrants seeking asylum, according to The Washington Post.

Specifically, Trump is weighing an executive order that would deny the immigrant caravan — which is about 900 miles away from the border — an opportunity to apply for asylum once they arrive.

He would assert similar emergency powers to those used during the early 2017 “travel ban.”

According to a draft of the proposed rule reviewed by The Washington Post, the administration argues that the president can use his authority under Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act to declare certain migrants ineligible for asylum because it “would be contrary to the national interest” and “detrimental to the interests of the United States.”

The section is the same legal authority he invoked during the travel ban.

The migrant caravan remains more than 900 miles from U.S. territory and has dwindled to about 3,000 people, according to the latest estimates from Mexican authorities.

Once again, I repeat, the Trump administration view that these migrants can't be important additions to the workforce is economic ignorance at the most fundamental level. SEE: The Problem With Steve Miller.



  1. Awesome! I wish every damn illegal here in the US could be kicked out of the country. Maybe we could put some of those urban primitives to work. The current crop of "families" seeking asylum need to be immediately deported if they can't produce documentation of US citizenship.

    Post like these are why I hate the libertarian party. Race, culture, and IQ do matter as much as you want to deny nature.

    1. Lab Manager,

      If IQ and culture matter, then you’re in trouble.

    2. Why isnitnevery Mexican I've ever worked with works so much harder than every white boy Ive ever worked with? Is it race, IQ or culture?

    3. I've heard of some illegals around where I live that have been living and working (hard manual labor picking crops in the blistering heat) for years good upstanding people, that have been trying to get documentation for over 2 years and nothing gets processed. Honestly, you can't really blame people for coming to America, probably most people would if they could. Its not really any different than when boatloads of immigrants came to the US from Ireland, and other parts of Europe in ages past. The problem is the speed and efficiency of processing people. Is it reasonable to expect an upstanding person to wait 5 years to enter the country? The immigration policies are broken and need fixing, but for some reason that is not the priority...Having a broken system allows for good political news headlines to toss blame back and forth.
      It's all bullshit.

    4. Evan/Donxon, move to Africa ASAP, ok? The fact that you won't tells me a lot. We don't need anymore immigration to America. These people offer nothing to us, and will only create the same poop hole they left. It's bad enough we have our own problem citizens to support.

    5. Re: THe Lab Manager,

      ── Evan/Donxon, move to Africa ASAP, ok? ──

      Your call to Evan or Dixon to move to Africa to prove a point is rather strange, considering all those Europeans and Americans who DID move to Africa to make their fortune.

      ── These people offer nothing to us ──

      Maybe not to you, but don't include the rest of humanity within your little cubby.

    6. Lab Manager, why is it that every Mexican I have worked with works so much harder than the white boys I've worked with? Why are the whites guys so lazy? Why do they bitch so much? Why are they always asking "When's lunch?" Why do the Mexicans have such a better attitude? These are simple questions. You're refusal to answer them makes you look like a joke of a man.

      Right now I don't move to Africa because I'm in a chemical engineering masters program, it's expensive and I want to finish. Afterwards, maybe I will move to Africa. I'll bet a western trained chemical engineer with an entrepreneurial mind might be able to make a whole lot of money in the third world, and it's something that is regularly discussed as a possibility in my family. South America is far more likely because I already have contacts down there, but Africa is not out of the question.

      All your incoherent ramblings about race, IQ and culture are completely irrelevant to the question of immigration. If you want to keep people off your property because of race, IQ or culture, that's your prerogative, but what right do you have to tell your neighbors who they can and can't do business with? Who the hell do you think you are? Where do you get off, asshole? If you come on my property and threaten my guests or my employees or my business partners or my customers then YOU ARE THE CRIMINAL. If you send government goon squads to do the threatening for you, then you are a criminal and a COWARD.

    7. Yes, Donxon, I live around Mexicans, and they do their job, but they are nothing special. And considering the Mexicans would send their kids to the same crappy public schools, they too will become lazy down the line.

      You have not shown me letting these people in will lead to a libertardian utopia. The fact that I recognize race, IQ, and culture matter and you do not shows your stupidity. Even Marc Faber said one time on live TV that Africans don't have the work ethic to make Africa an economic power house. Why does Africa have all these resources, but YT or slant eyes has to show up to make it viable?

    8. Google Thomas Sowell navigable rivers.

      Immigrants won't necessarily create libertopia, but the enforcement actions needed to stop them will necesarily create a police state. You're just like a leftist whose scared of global warming. All you're doing is handing more power to the crazies in DC. It's a trick. Don't fall for it.

  2. ── President Trump is considering a complete shut down of the southern US border to Central American immigrants and the deployment of 1,000 troops to the region in advance of a "caravan" of migrants seeking asylum, according to The Washington Post. ──

    DJT is merely putting a big dog and pony show for his base to scare them to go to the polls. Perhaps his administration is scared of losing Congress to the Dem-o-rats and so he goes out there to turn the caravan into something greater than what it actually is.

  3. The vast majority of these immigrants will end up on welfare. That's how our system operates. To say otherwise is totally ignorant. A real libertarian would build a wall and keep them out, to protect OUR private property rights. These are not the immigrants from years ago that came here to assimilate and work. This latest caravan is a pack of undocumented democratic voters - that's what they really are. If we didn't have this massive welfare system and people had to assimilate and work to support themselves, I would be fine with it, but we all know that's not how it works these days.

    1. Re: Chubba Dog,

      --- The vast majority of these immigrants will end up on welfare. ---

      Care to substantiate that assertion with actual evidence? Immigrants are not eligible for welfare benefits in this country, and it is not true that most undocumented immigrants receive benefits.

    2. Don't believe me, Torres? How about the US Census Bureau, would you believe them? The Bureau says that over 62% of illegal immigrants are on the dole. We all know that figure is not accurate, as all government figures are low-ball BS, and it is really much higher. Also, identity theft is rampant among illegal aliens. They use fake ID's and anchor babies to gain welfare benefits. On top of all of this approx one third of federal inmates are illegals. How much is that costing us? You really consider this to be beneficial to society? You sound like some liberal mindless government hack.

  4. Maybe someone can explain why there are no civic minded libertarians in these countries as a majority. Lots of places my critics could relocate to instead bringing the lowlife hordes here and create more problems. If anyone could provide some counter evidence, I would like to see it.

    The following countries are or were one to 49.9 percent White within the past 60 years: Cuba, Peru, Brazil, Belize, Mexico, Georgia, Bolivia, Panama, Suriname, Armenia (maybe), Ecuador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Paraguay (maybe), Zimbabwe, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Costa Rica, South Africa, and Northern Cyprus (the latter not recognized by Western countries). I have probably inadvertently left off some others. (The World Factbook reports Paraguay is 95 percent mestizo and five percent other. I don't know what that other five percent is.) I won't include White Russians in Israel since they pass and self-identify as part of the Ashkenazi Jewish majority.

    What important characteristic do the above countries have in common? With the plausible exception of Costa Rica, they are all terrible places to live for ethical, non-wealthy, civic minded individuals. Costa Rica owes much of its semi-development to White tourism, White investments, White technologies, and low levels of militarism.

    Unlike Costa Rica, Western countries with increasing racial diversity are all ruled by multiculturalists devoted to police state militarism, especially Sweden, Russia, and several NATO nations.

    The counter argument: thousands of additional factors cause those lands to be terrible. Most were not settled by Northwest Europeans. Northeast Asians and Brahman Caste Indians will pick up where whites left off.

    The counter counter argument: racial diversity and cultural Marxism make those thousands of additional factors worse, especially dysgenic breeding and bait-and-switch-divide-and-screw politics. Northwest Europeans failed to stop mass failure in Zimbabwe and South Africa, the two white minority countries settled by Northwest Europeans. Despite their high IQs and work ethic, Brahmans and Northeast Asians devote themselves to egoism and other unethical causes. Numerous countries have Brahman or Northeast Asian minorities combined with low IQ nonwhite majorities--those countries stink, except a plausible few with massive earnings from natural resources such as Trinidad and Tobago. Western countries are also infected with more cultural Marxian demagoguery than the White minority countries listed above, making mutually destructive conflicts more likely.

    The takeaway: no one with a smidgen of ethical character should try to make White majority nations into White minority empires. The probabilities and negative expected values of dystopian results are too damn great.