Friday, October 26, 2018

What?! White House Considering Excluding Trade From Trump-Xi Meeting Agenda,

The White House is considering excluding trade from the agenda of a meeting between President Donald Trump and China’s Xi Jinping next month but likely won’t cancel it altogether, reports Blommberg.

Some of Trump’s trade advisers don’t want to engage with China over trade until Beijing shows it’s serious about addressing the U.S.’s list of negotiating demands, according to Bloomberg.

This is, of course, asinine.

There actually should be no negotiations. The U.S. should just open its borders to any and all trade. Trade eases tensions between countries and increases the standard of living for the country without trade barriers.



  1. How do you reconcile free trade on our part and tariff/legal barriers on our exports? I understand we get to buy cheaper consumables but we need access to global markets too.

    1. Every wants to look at the issue like its black and white. It isnt. China likes to steal IP and US companies like to exploit slave labor and on and on ... and no one likes to mention that.

    2. Greenhead, the sole end of economic activity is consumption, not production (or jobs). If China wants to hurt its consumers by limiting what they can import from US producers, that's a problem for Chinese residents, not US consumers. If the US erects import quotas or tariffs, this amounts to coercive action against US consumers in favor of some US producers. It's like holding a gun to your own head and threatening to shoot unless someone else drops their gun.