Thursday, November 15, 2018

Krugman Launches A Masterclass

Now, this is an interesting coincidence.

Paul Krugman is launching a Masterclass.
I have been working on a relaunch of my YouTube series Robert Wenzel Talks Economics.

The intro I am going to be using is a San Francisco skyline/street scene not unlike the NYC intro scene being used by Krugman. Though my intro music is going to be cooler, maybe something like this.

And just yesterday, I was testing out lighting and angles for the background for my shoots. It's not unlike Krugman's background, except mine is real and Krugman's appears to be a fake green screen.

Stay tuned. I'm a couple of weeks away.

And there won't be any nonsense in my videos such as "Left to its own devices private healthcare just doesn't work."


Links to discussions of all Krugman's Masterclass lessons are here.

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