Friday, November 2, 2018

During Michael Moore Visit to Rome, Pope and Moore Bond Over Capitalist Hate

The Pope and Michael Moore
Michael Moore and the Pope are apparently kindred spirits when it comes to capitalism hate.

Moore said on "Late Night" with Seth Meyers that he met the pope two weeks ago and asked him about income inequality:
I went to the weekly audience, and then he asked to speak to me privately. It was an amazing moment, and I asked him if I could ask him a question. And he said, "Yes."

And I said, "Do you believe that an economic system that benefits the few, the wealthy at the expense of the many is a sin?" And he said to me, "Si" in Italian. And I said, "So you believe capitalism, the kinda -- the capitalism we have now is a sin?" He goes, "Yes, it is." He said, "The poor must always come first."

And then he grabbed my hand and he said, "Please, pray for me." And I said, "I will, and please pray for me. And he said, "No, you have to make more movies." And I'm like, "I just wanted a prayer." He's like, "No, you go back to -- you go back work." He has a sense of humor.


  1. I guess I'd have to agree, that the "capitalism" we have now is a sin (compared with the free market).

    But since that's not what the Pope and Moore mean, maybe send them Tom Woods's book, "The Church and the Market"?

  2. Two idiots spewing nonsense. Crony Capitalism is horrific and immoral not Capitalism in a free market sense. Free market capitalism has done more to help the poor than any other economic system in history. And, during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the poor were largely taken care of through a system of fraternal societies that included whites, blacks, women, and immigrants.

    The success of Moore’s movies depends on the capitalistic system he rails against. What-a-dope.

  3. What they really said to each other was that there is big big money to be made in anti-capitalism.

  4. "The poor must always come first" says the guy who lives in the largest mansion with his own private army that drinks out of golden goblets, and mandates that even his poorest church members give him at least 10% of their earnings.
    The vatican has more gold and silver than any other country, its just "off the books".

    1. Oh. You are talking about the Pope. I thought at first you were talking about Michael Moore.