Monday, December 3, 2018

Fighting High Minimum Wage Laws: Amazon Tests Its Cashierless Technology for Bigger Stores

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos
Amazon is testing its cashierless checkout technology for bigger stores, reports The Wall Street Journal. 

The Bezos created retail giant is experimenting with the technology in Seattle in a larger space formatted like a big store.

The systems track what shoppers pick from shelves and charges them automatically when they leave a store.

According to a WSJ source, although the technology functions well in its current small-store format, it is harder to use it in bigger spaces with higher ceilings and more products, meaning it could take time to roll out the systems at more larger stores.

It is unclear whether Amazon intends to use the technology for Whole Foods, although that is the most likely application if executives can make it work, says the WSJ.


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  1. A system where the customer has to add up everything themselves and determine if "errors" were made can be very profitable. Odds are they won't do it until they return home (if at all) and then they have to decide if it costs them more to return to the store to have the error corrected or just pay the extra.