Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Great-Great-Great-Granddaughter of Adam Smith on Anarcho-Communists

The great-great-great-grandfather
UPDATE: Young women under the domination of the Marx-Engels patriarchy.

Oh you can tell this lady has a lot of her great-great-great-grandfather's genes--and they appear to have even mutated for the better.

Alice Smith is one of the most reason-driven, get to the core of the matter, witty, students of society and advocates for liberty that is on Twitter.

Below are her thoughts on so-called communists in favor of anarchy. And, also a bonus tweet. 

Any communist who at any time identifies as an anarchist, needs a dictionary force fed into their bourgeoisie mouths. Then, they should be exiled to a *real* communist country where it will be their only source of food.

And bonus Smith:

Das Kapital is a very useful book.
You can hollow it out to store your partial stash of gold and guns. And no one will ever open it to find them!

Another excellent one from Smith:


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