Saturday, December 15, 2018

Theodore Dalrymple at the Oxford Union: Socialism Does NOT Work

Theodore Dalrymple, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor of City Journal, absolutely smashes socialism in the clip below, from a debate that took place at the Oxford Union.


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  1. I just searched on Manhattan Institute. "Turning Intellect Into Influence". Considering the institute was co-founded by a former director of the CIA, it would have been too obvious had they chosen the motto: "Turning Intelligence Into Influence". Their address is Vanderbilt Avenue. A bunch of swells. Why is it that deep staters all want to found their own front group? There are so many of them. Only recently did we learn about "International Crisis Group". Apparently they're not even trying to hide their nefarious connections anymore; ICG has connotations reminiscent of Warren Beatty's "Parallax Corporation". Apparently the Canadian ICG spy who's "been disappeared" in China working for ICG isn't even permanently separated from from the Canadian foreign service, just "on leave". When governments realized they could print money ad infinitum, it made all this non-productive crap possible...and speaking of things non-productive while also returning to the original subject, Taki is a shrink I believe.