Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Top Twenty 2018 EPJ YouTube Videos

I am planning some major YouTube videos for 2019 but here are the top 20 videos of 2018.

They are a combination of videos with top views in 2018 and others that should have received more views.

Note: Some of them were recorded before 2018, but they keep chugging along.

Enjoy them on your holiday flights back and forth.

1. A Mysterious and Beautiful Woman Confronts Paul Krugman about Inflation

2. Who is Buying Bitcoin and When Will They Stop?

3. Wenzel Lecture: 2+2=4

4. Tom DiLorenzo on John Stewart and His Lying Lincolnians 

5. Is Bitcoin in a Super Bubble?

6. Laughing at the Laffer Curve: The Trump Tax Reform Con

7. How to Explain Say's Law On a Napkin

8. What the Gentrification Haters Don't Get

9. How to Smash Slick Lefties Who Advocate the Minimum Wage

 10. Murray Rothbard: Under Socialism, All Life Becomes Politicized

11. The Fed Speaks On Why It Has a 2% Inflation Target

12. The Problem With Steven Miller

13. Murray Rothbard on The Libertarian Solution to Welfare

14. The Mysterious and Beautiful Woman Who Confronted Paul Krugman is Interviewed

15. Just How Libertarian is Gary Johnson?

16. Why Donald Trump Never Washed the Windows at Trump Tower

17. The Truth Will Out: Venezuela, Google and Social Justice Warriors

18. Dr. Mark Hendrickson on Problems With Piketty

19. Joey Rothbard Remembers Murray

20. Murray Rothbard on The Libertarian Solution to Welfare


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