Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Trump: I Am a Tariff Man

What a clown.

Trump doesn't understand the first thing about comparative advantage or international trade.

How bad is he?
Even Paul Krugman is better.
How is trade mutually agreed to by to traders a raid of great wealth?

Trump has the backward economic understanding of an Elizabethan Era mercantilist.



  1. ── When people or countries come in to raid the great wealth of our Nation, I want them to pay for the privilege of doing so. ──

    See, children? If you trade with foreigners, you're letting them raid the "wealth of our great nation"! You should realize that your wealth is not really 'yours' - it instead belongs to 'La NaciĆ³n'. That's why our president is a nationalist. That's how it works.

    I disagree a bit that he's your typical mercantilist. The man instead thinks he's instituting his own version of Juche.

  2. Hew is not really bright enough to know what kind of economic man he is. He might as well be playing Monopoly for all he knows

  3. I'm going to the mall today to "raid" some stores and buy some Christmas gifts for family. After that, I need to go to and "raid" the supermarket as I buy my weekly groceries.
    Watch for news of my "raids" to go viral, as those stores decry my having plundered them of merchandise in exchange for cash.

  4. Billions raised by charging American consumers higher prices. brilliant

  5. If he's a tariff man maybe he could get rid of the income tax then?
    If he's an environmentalist and a tariff man maybe he can use tariffs as leverage to get other countries not to pollute?

    After all it is the ability to pollute, to harm the property of others and the commons (air and water) that give other nations (at least in part) a "comparative advantage".

    Remember if we have a private property society pollution would be driven to zero or very close to it. It would not be allowable to foul the commons. All pollution would need to be contained on the private property of the polluter and since that is usually not practical and economically more costly than not polluting people would not pollute as a rule. Some may destroy the resale value of their property and spend vast sums on containment measures but as a rule cheaper alternatives such as reuse, sale of the waste to other industries, and simply avoiding it would prevail.

    1. Re: Jimmy Joe Meeker,

      --- [...]maybe he can use tariffs as leverage to get other countries not to pollute? ---

      Or --hear me out-- he's doing it because he's *Tariff Man!*

  6. So as usual, libertarians are firmly aligned behind the neoliberal status quo. They are useful idiots for the establishment, and now everyone knows it.