Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Not Exactly A Tax Expert

This is excellent.



  1. I wish that someone would whisper in her ear that she could find $1 trillion to put towards her programs if she proposed shutting down the national-security state (Pentagon, CIA, NSA, etc.). It would also be "morally right." With her apparently growing following, getting an anti-war movement going might be one positive to come from her overall inanity.

    1. Of the argument devices I have used with leftists is to offer the warfare state up for whatever they wanted welfare wise. I never found a single one that would that would take that deal. When they made their 'lets be like europe argument' I would find common ground and respond with 'a welfare state is better than a welfare & warfare state'. This would generally result in the topic being changed and at most some lukewarm agreement.

      Sure they may at times talk about how much is spent on the warfare state to argue that their newest welfare scheme doesn't cost all that much but to put them on the spot to take it from the warfare state or even offer support if they take the funds from the warfare state will get them to shut up and avoid further discussion.

      So I wouldn't expect anything by offering it to AOC.