Saturday, January 5, 2019

Millions Face Delayed Tax Refunds as Budget Impasse Continues

I have no problems with most of the government operations that are being shut down because of the budget impasse.

It is mostly spending by the government on anti-free market, anti-liberty activities. If President Trump refuses to sign a budget deal for years, as he has indicated he might (though it is extremely, extremely unlikely), I have pretty much no problem, except for one budget item.

According to The Washington Post, more than $140 billion in tax refunds are at risk of being frozen or delayed if the government shutdown stretches into February.

If Trump truly is a populist, a man of the working class, he should find a way to pay these refunds. These are funds that as a result of the Milton Friedman's designed withholding tax belong to the people and should have never been withheld.

And one other question. Does it work both ways? If we are having "budget problems" can we delay paying the IRS money owed?


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