Saturday, January 26, 2019

Oh Boy, Krugman is Working On the Wealth Tax Proposal

P. Krugman
P. Krugman tweets:
The Saez-Zucman-Warren tax proposal is the Elizabeth Warren wealth tax proposal (SEE: Elizabeth Warren Goes Tax Crazy).

In many ways, Krugman is worse than Warren or AOC, he loves government taking money from the people. A wealth tax is bad on many different levels. But Krugman is having a tax orgasm over the thought:



  1. Robert, there is a very good legal argument suggesting that this wealth tax is a direct tax, which is unconstitutional unless they apportion it among the states, which they do not want. Otherwise, like they did with the income tax, they’ll have to amend the constitution. Slim chance they can pass this in a way that passes constitutional muster. I know these people couldn’t care less about the constitution. Just trying to be optimistic.

  2. It's gonna be hard work coming up with a tax plan that doesn't impact the crony classes, but I'm sure Krugman is up to the job.

  3. I get a laugh at the way this nut talks about his fellow empty nut, Horseio-Cortez. Previously, he has defended against people calling her a dim wit by basically saying there are people even dumber than her, so it's okay. Now, he chooses to put the "(not at all stupid)" disclaimer when he even talks about her plan. Nothing to see here. Oh no. Her plan isn't stupid.

  4. Jow exactly would they "take" i mean tax peoples' wealth.
    I mean honestly what are they going to do? Send you a bill in the mail for having money in the stock market?