Sunday, January 6, 2019

San Francisco Hotel to Charge Banksters $21.25 for a Cup of Coffee

Some attendees of the annual JPMorgan Healthcare Conference will be paying upwards of $21 for a single cup of coffee at one participating hotel in San Francisco, reports Business Insider.

The Parc 55 hotel, based in San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood charges $170 for a gallon of coffee (that breaks down to about $21.25 for a 16-ounce cup) to any company holding a JPM Week event on its property, according to a menu obtained by STAT.

 This, by the way, is the Tenderloin District just two blocks from the hotel.

The conference runs from January 7 to 11.

Yes, that's what happens here in the city by the bay.

A Federal Reserve Bank spigot sits right under the greater Silicon Valley area and money pumped in by the Fed to venture capitalists eventually finds its way through the fog to every crack and crevice in the city.


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