Monday, January 7, 2019

The "Green New Deal" is Really Commie Red

Step one.
Thomas DiLorenzo notes:
The first thing to understand about the proposed “Green New Deal” is that the first New Deal not only failed to end the Great Depression but made it more severe and longer-lasting.  Its only “success” was in creating endless patronage opportunities and levers of political bribery and extortion for the Democratic Party, opportunities that the Republican Party happily embraced whenever it could to expand its own power and wealth in the succeeding decades.  The proposed Green New Deal would do the same, only many orders of magnitude worse...
American socialists have always searched for deceptive euphemisms for socialism with which to disguise their totalitarian plans for the rest of us.  “Liberal,” “progressive,” “economic democracy,” “liberation theology,” “social justice,” and “industrial policy” are just a few examples.  “Green New Deal” is the latest manifestation of this political con game.

What has been proposed is nothing less than the destruction of the fossil-fuel-based energy industries which have long been the lifeblood of capitalism.  All houses and businesses are to be “upgraded” in terms of their energy use by thousands, or tens of thousands, of government bureaucrats who would presumably go door to door to enforce the state’s energy-use mandates.  There are vague promises of replacing the entire power grid with “renewable energy sources” such as windmills and solar panels.  It all sounds very much like a middle-school paper assignment for an “environmental ethics” class.  I would not be surprised to learn that Sandy Ocasio took such a class and wrote such a paper in the Westchester County public schools.

The entire U.S. economy would be “planned” by a fifteen-member congressional committee, Soviet style.  There is no acknowledgment at all of the failures of socialist planning everywhere else in the world; of the well-known economic reasons for these inherent failures; or of the fact that all the countries of the world that touted “planning” in the twentieth century have abandoned it, and for good reason.  It is a recipe for turning America into a Third World economic hellhole, in other words, to be completed “in ten years” according to the published plan.  Free-lunch economics pervades the plan, promising everyone a job and a “living wage” and of course, an end to economic inequality through ever more income redistribution schemes.  But not to worry, say the Marxist planners, it will all be paid for by the Fed, a new system of “government banks,” and higher taxes.  Simple.
Here's the socialist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez laying out part of the extended plan:



  1. Well, the "new center" has moved 45 degrees to the left. We're doomed. Kinda makes me glad I'm old and probably won't live to see the end of this fiasco.
    Going Galt, anyone?

  2. The goal is to make energy scarce and have it allocated by the political class with the formality of listening to technocrats on how to do it. In other words it is a vehicle to manage people's lives.