Saturday, January 12, 2019

The JPMorgan Health Conference Was So Packed Some Attendees Met in the Bathrooms

Willie Brown, the only man
in San Francisco who owns
more than one suit
Here's the best indication that while a recession is near, we are still in a boom period.

With every restaurant, lobby, public park and cafe within walking distance of the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference’s headquarters packed by thousands of attendees, meeting space was at a premium. One hotel restaurant was charging $300 an hour to sit at a bare wooden table.

"The ladies bathroom became so popular a workspace, in fact, that there was a wait for me to get a seat and file my notes," reports Bloomberg writer Kristen V. Brown.

More than 10,000 attendees packed the city and it was noticeable. All attendees wore pinstripe suits. They were all over the city. They probably didn't realize how much they stood out. Most of the rest of the year, its Silicon Valley types here and none of them own any suits.

The only person you see in the city on a regular basis wearing a suit is the dapper fomer San Francisco mayor Willie Brown.


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