Thursday, February 7, 2019

Janet Yellen Says the Fed's Next Move Might Be to Cut Rates!

Janet Yellen
The inflationists are waiting for just about any reason to start the big money pump.

"If global growth really weakens and that spills over to the United States, where financial conditions tighten more and we do see a weakening in the US economy, it's certainly possible that the next move is a cut," the former Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen told CNBC on Wednesday.

She hedged a bit and said she expects the most likely outcome is solid growth in 2019, but then went back and listed several risks, including weak economic data from China and Europe, as well as uncertainties about trade policy and Brexit.

Either "outcomes are possible,"  rate hikes or rate cuts, she concluded when going back into Fed doublespeak. But, still, the idea that a former Fed chair considers a rate cut as a next possible move tells you how willing the inflationists are in to grab the flimsiest of excuses to start cranking up the money pumps.


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