Thursday, February 28, 2019

MLB Will Use Robot Umpires This Season ... In The Independent Atlantic League

Major League Baseball and the independent Atlantic League have announced a three-year agreement allowing MLB to use the league as a testing ground "to observe the effects of potential future rule changes and equipment".

What potential rule changes?

The league will use Trackman to call balls and strikes, according to Baseball America.

MLB will also now serve as the official statistician for the Atlantic League, and MLB will install Trackman radar devices at all eight Atlantic League stadiums so that all 30 MLB teams can receive in-depth data on each and every pitch and ball put in play at any Atlantic League game.

Enter the progress haters. I'm sure most of them would prefer the many blind umps now out on the field.


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  1. Now instead of the umpires causing error, error will be introduced by nameless programmers who have no skin in the game. For example, is the programmed strike zone the one in the rule book or the commonly called smaller zone? Also, what is the error rate of the sensors detecting the location of the ball? Blind trust in programmers and technology has it's own errors.