Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Heavy Duty Earth-Sun Movements and Climate Change

The clip below has over 5 million views since it was first posted on YouTube in 2010.

It is gaining new traction as a solid explanation for current changes in climate.

I don't pretend to be a climatologist, and there could also be other factors involved in addition to this, but this is a climate change explanation that you have never heard before.

Crank up the internal combustion engines!



  1. Fascinating video. If yoy listen to the global warming alarmists you'd think that man's activity is the primary force behind our climate. But of course what the Sun does completely dwarfs what man does. However many careers, grants and incomes depend on man made global warming being real, whether it is or not.

    1. BUT, note carefully that these accurately described orbital parameters take place over many thousands of years. The so-called global warming alarmists are talking about significant changes over a hundred years not thousands. This is due to the growing greenhouse gases that we humans exude into the atmosphere. Trying to pin the blame on grants and careers is a phony claim. To believe other wise is foolish and even dangerous.