Sunday, April 7, 2019

Bruce Bartlett Viciously Disses the Gold Standard

I said this once before but it demands being said again:
It is really hard to believe that Bruce Bartlett once worked for Ron Paul. And friends tell me he was a pretty solid libertarian. Things have changed.
He just tweeted this about Herman Cain:

What a bunch of coprolite.

It is very difficult to become more of a statist sellout than by tweeting something like this.

Of course, the real problem with Cain is not that he favors the gold standard but that he favors a peculiar version of the gold standard that calls for money printing!



  1. Greenspan and Bartlett are brothers. They saw the light and snuffed it out for fear of seeing themselves.

  2. I do like his starter list of institutions that should be eliminated... the fed, Nasa, NSF

  3. How ironic that Bartlett would compare a supporter of the gold standard to a believer in alchemy trying to run the National Science Foundation, when it's the modern central banker who is the alchemist. They're the ones who practice the pseudo science of turning paper into gold.