Thursday, April 11, 2019

Is the Country Full?

President Trump
President Trump is out with a new line on immigrants: "The county is full."

He has tweeted this out:

Does this make any economic sense?

Here is the reality of the situation. Undocumenteds are heading to the United States to improve their lot in life.

It means they believe there is work for them and indeed there is.

If wages were low enough, I would personally use at least three but they would have a good belly laugh once I told them what I would pay them. It means they are aware of higher paying, though probably under the minimum wage, jobs.

If this is the case, then the country is not "full." It is an idiotic comment to make, especially from a person who had hired undocumented for Mar-a-Largo until it got politically problematic for his hate immigrants stance.



  1. Yes, the country is full. We do not need anymore immigrants especially from failed societies. The garbage from South of the border has destroyed private property and overburdened local systems but what does RW care? None of them are anything I would not live next to or interact with on a daily basis.

    RW is kind of the liberals; he likes diversity except when it is in his community. He never tells us whether these people will obey the laws, pick up their trash, learn English, or any of other things we like in the first world.

    We need to round up the illegals and ship them back. If we genuinely need this labor, then maybe some sort of Brasero program would be appropriate, but I"m doubtful.

  2. "Does this make any economic sense?"
    It's Trump and his Trumpistas we're talking about, right?

    Of course it's not going to make economic sense, because that's not the point. Trump and his band of Trumpistas mean the country is full of brown people. That has nothing to do with economics because it's entirely based on the economic fallacy that resources cannot be maximized. Trumpistas are closer and closer aligning themselves with Marxist ideology because they're indeed THAT stupid.

  3. So keep letting in more and more people that will result in more or larger:

    1) Government schools
    2) Government roads
    3) Government assistance programs
    4) Government transit
    5) Government police forces
    6) Government fire departments
    7) Government operated welfare programs
    8) Government owned/operated/contracted prisons
    9) government employees
    10) elected government office holders
    11) government provided medical care

    Should I go on? And I can't neglect that even without increasing anything government is getting more expensive.

    Who pays for it all?

    1. Us YT's pay Jimmy Joe. YT has to pay until the money runs out. We all know the productivity and world class societies created by non whites.