Thursday, April 11, 2019

Larry Kudlow Goes Full Idiot: Fed May Not Hike Interest Rates Again 'In My Lifetime'

Larry Kudlow
Is this what you have to do to keep your job in the Trump White House?

How embarrassing.

President Donald Trump’s top economic adviser,  National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow, said today it’s possible the Federal Reserve may not hike interest rates again during his lifetime.

In an interview with The Hill,  Kudlow pointed to Fed Chairman Jerome Powell walking back the central bank’s predictions for multiple rate hikes this year and said he agreed with Trump’s diatribes against raising interest rates, calling recent hikes “unnecessary.”

“As I say, we wish they hadn't raised. I notice from the various reports and so forth that they've changed their view. I don't think rates will rise in the foreseeable future, maybe never again in my lifetime,” he said.

“Whether they will fall, I don't mind them falling,” he continued.

Of course, as I am warning in the EPJ Daily Alert, a major uptick in price inflation could occur at any moment and bonds yields are in the early stage of a multi-year uptrend.