Thursday, April 25, 2019

One of the Best Reasons for Becoming as Wealthy as Possible

How long will
 George Soros live?
Doug Casey says:
The science behind life extension has advanced a lot since then however. Just like artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and nanotech, it’s advancing at the rate of Moore’s Law.

The key to extending your life now appears to hinge on reengineering your genetic makeup. That’s the cutting edge...

I’m counting on a research firm pursuing anti-aging/disease-prevention to get lucky. Perhaps a breakthrough in the pursuit of biological immortality is near. And there are many firms pursuing it right now...

rich people will obviously take advantage of these technologies first. That’s because, like all technologies, it will be expensive at first. Then they become democratized and cheap.

Nobody wants to become old and sick. So, life extension is one of the best reasons for becoming as wealthy as possible. If you’re poor, there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

I’m waiting for an indication. Perhaps George Soros, who is in his late eighties and looks half dead, will start looking healthy and young all of a sudden. I suppose we have to take the bad with the good… I’ll then know that a major breakthrough has been made if I haven’t already heard about it through the grapevine.
But government might put a roadblock in the advances.  Casey again:
If rich people are the only ones that can take advantage of life extension to start with, I’d say that’s wonderful...I can hear the envious screaming “What about me? I want to live longer at somebody else’s expense!”...
I'm very concerned by the government in this context. This is to say that many people in government want to control other people. They’re already talking about wanting to make it impossible for anybody to become a billionaire. Which may make it impossible for anybody to live longer than the norm. They want egalitarian democracy? It only exists in the graveyard. I’m not interested.
In the process of trying to reward lazy and incompetent grasshoppers, and penalize productive bumblebees, they may throw a monkey wrench into scientific progress itself. These people are even now eating away at the foundations of Western Civilization. They’re anti everything that’s brought mankind out of the muck – free speech, free thought, free markets, individualism, science… and life extension.
Casey doesn't make this point exactly but through the history of the advance of capitalism and rising standards of living, it is the rich who get to use new products first. But the products they first use are always inferior and more expensive then what will eventually be developed for the masses.

In their purchase of expensive inferior products, they are actually funding the research that will eventually result in the better cheaper products for all of us.

So yes, we should cheer if the generally evil George Soros and other rich are spending money on trying to stay alive longer. Specifically, with regard to Soros, it is one of the few decent things he may actually be doing for mankind.



  1. Only if the said genetic therapy will also cure him of his psychopathy.

  2. Until the price comes down, I'll have to rely on "the poor man's longevity practices", like fasting, carb-reduction, plentiful sleep, HIIT (high-intensity interval-training), and weight-lifting.

  3. In a free market not only will the rich early-adopters bring the price down, but the information culled from the negative side effects they experience will be used to improve the products for everyone else.

  4. The wealthy, with the political influence, will make it such that these life extension technologies are only for them. Why? For the same reason they create regulations and other barriers. They don't want someone following behind them building wealth and becoming competition.

  5. I'm pretty sure that Soros lives so long by drinking the blood of children. Kissinger too.