Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Notes Trump Furiously Wrote When Then Chief Economic Adviser Gary Cohn Made a Presentation on Infrastructure

Gary Cohn
The Washington Post reports:

During a Republican retreat at Camp David last year, President Trump seemed particularly enthralled as Gary Cohn, then his chief economic adviser, delivered a briefing on infrastructure. The president impressed the assembled lawmakers with his apparent interest in the presentation, nodding along and scribbling furious notes.

But Trump’s notes “had nothing to do with infrastructure,” journalists Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer write in their new book, “The Hill To Die On.”

Instead, Trump had scrawled “Sloppy Steve” atop his index card, followed by “copious notes” criticizing Stephen K. Bannon, his former chief strategist whom he had fired several months earlier.

“As Cohn had detailed his plans to rebuild America’s roads, the president was writing down how he wanted to trash Steve Bannon the next time someone asked him about it,” the authors write, in one of buzzy scenes that pepper the book.



  1. Making Forest Gump look more brilliant by the day!

  2. I think all that Diet Pepsi has fried Trump's brain. We can now officially put the "five dimensional chess" to rest.