Sunday, April 14, 2019

Thomas Sowell on Reparations



  1. Ahhhhhh so what? Were the white people being enslaved holding berber slaves?

    The barbary pirates of northern Africa probably have more genetic similarity with Europeans than with sub saharan Africans, but I can't tell if that counters his point because I don't know what it is.

    Sowell is so often brilliant and insiteful that it's depressing when he is not.

  2. I'm willing to donate all my money to reparations, as long as they'll take a check.

    1. yeah there you go. Me personally I will take it trade for all the white racism being dumped on those of non-color in this melting pot.

      Call it even

  3. Whites should get reparations or renumeration from blacks, for their ancestors in the North who fought and died during the Civil War and thereby helped in bringing about the end of slavery. Sure, my ancestors immigrated here after the Civil War, but since the only thing that matters anymore is melanin content of one's skin, then I guess I'll take advantage of that...

  4. I'm ok with reparations on the condition that those receiving them MUST renounce their US citizenship and move to Liberia or some other country of their choice. No more free riding here and crying like a bitch about any alleged injustices.