Thursday, May 2, 2019

They Got Him: Steve Moore Is Out as Fed Board Nominee

Steve Moore
President Trump just tweeted out:
This is just a couple of hours after Moore appeared on Bloomberg News and said in an interview that he spoke to someone at the White House on Wednesday and had no indication he would not be nominated.

“My biggest ally is the president,” he said. “He’s full speed ahead.”

Moore was a terrible choice by Trump and was not properly vetted, given the many attack directions the establishment was able to use against him.

The establishment really hated his free market and pro-gold positions and was able to use his politically incorrect comments about women and such to derail him.

Paul Krugman retweeted this:
That said, he won't be a great loss, all indications are that on the Board he would have been a Greenspan-type sell-out.


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