Friday, June 7, 2019

A New Walter Block Op-Ed at The New York Times

Walter Block
Great news, a new Walter Block op-ed has been published by The New York Times.

It is a superbly written 100% hardcore free-market perspective on President Trump's attempts to "make coal great again."

It is titled: “Stop Trying to Make Coal Great Again: When it comes to coal, President Trump seems to care more about politics than free-market principles"

I sent The Times the following letter:

To The Editor:

As an advocate of free market economics, I find it refreshing to see that you once again have published an essay by the libertarian and economist Walter Block.

For me, I now know what the feeling must have been like in the old days to open The New York Times and discover a new column by Henry Hazlitt.

Since your current economics columnist Paul Krugman seems to be taking on more political advocacy perspectives in his columns, perhaps you could find space for a regular column by Dr. Block strictly on economics. Right now, the first place I look for a new discussion on economics is the column by Robert J. Samuelson at The Washington Post.

Surely that is too wide a field to handover to a national competitor without an attempt at countering it. In my view, Dr. Block has the right amount of edginess to his writing with sound reasoning and with a sense for topics where things can be stirred up for readers to debate and enjoy.

Sincerely yours,

Robert Wenzel
Editor & Publisher
San Francisco, CA



  1. Nice exposure for Walter.

    My one comment on his piece is that while he rightly pointed out the crony capitalism involved in Trump supporting the coal industry, nowhere did Walter point out the crony capitalism that has led to the growth of wind and solar power.

    Maybe that's why this op-ed piece made it through the Progressive filter.

    1. Knowing him, he probably thought of exactly what you said, that is: omit some points to get through the filter. He's slick, that Block.

  2. Just visited the site (3:42pm 6/7/10) and the comments are CLOSED. Only 11 comments are there.