Monday, July 29, 2019

Elizabeth Warren's Just Released Trade Policy Plan is a Prescription for Disaster

 Elizabeth Warren 
Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is taking President Trump's wrongheaded mercantilist trade perspective to an exponentially wacky new level.

She just released a new plan revealing how she’d handle trade policy as president.

Prior to endorsing any trade deal, Warren said she’d require negotiators to disclose drafts to the public, invite representatives of labor and environmental groups to trade advisory committees, and require the U.S. International Trade Commission to analyze how an agreement would affect each region of the country.

This is a prescription to get every special interest in the United States to carve out special interest niches in trade that will block free trade, probably destroy it.

“And unlike Trump, while I think tariffs are an important tool, they are not by themselves a long-term solution to our failed trade agenda and must be part of a broader strategy that this administration clearly lacks,” Warren wrote in a post on

This woman is just one notch under Lenin when it comes to central planning. She makes Bernie Sanders look like Adam Smith


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