Tuesday, July 30, 2019

This is the Damn Nuttiest Take on Trade I Have Ever Seen (A Trump Take, Of Course)

This is nothing to cheer. It is the shrinking of international trade which results in the lowering of the standard of living across the areas of the former trade and increases tensions between countries.

In the end, this comment reflects the lack of deep intellectual understanding by Trump and his bullying style.

I discussed the problems with Trump's perspective on trade two years ago in this video:



  1. I thought China should be able to kick butt and start producing stuff that their own people could buy. Anyway, I'm glad the tariffs are causing problems for the leadership. Let us make no mistake that China will never be a republic or anything resembling at least what is left of free speech and some rights like we have here.

  2. Tariffs are anywhere and always a bad thing because they inhibit trade - trade that would take place were it not for the tariffs. The tariff lowers living standards on both sides. So tariffs aren’t only causing problems for China; they causing problem for us.

  3. The issue is that the US never really got that much out of exporting our production and technology and China. Now some of these American companies are crying about it though China is also a threat.

    After NAFTA, what replaced the lost manufacturing jobs? Libertardians don't have an answer.