Thursday, July 11, 2019

Trump's Signals He May Start Going After Bitcoin

The below seemingly came out of the blue, but really not surprising.

Trump's controls do not want paper currency competition.

The regulations are coming.



  1. Huh, but the US Dollar's value isn't based on "thin air"? Interesting...

  2. I know Robert Wenzel himself does not like cryptocurrencies and prefers cash. I do not have his dislike for cryptocurrencies and actually hope they will work out. However, I have trouble understanding the popular belief among crypto circles that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies cannot be banned and/or that it will lead to a state's demise.

    Any state today has a lot of power over its citizens, whether this be the US or China. What makes cryptocurrencies safe from this power? Sure, a government may not be able to ban crypto 100% the same way they can't ban currency forgery or the drug trade. But enacting regulations so that a cryptocurrency is used only in underground markets effectively cripples it.

    I welcome anything that leads to more freedom but I am not sure cryptocurrencies will be the panacea they are made out to be. I'll be happy to be proven wrong by reality though.

    1. I think cryptocurrencies are method to condition people into two things. The first is digital money that is easily tracked and can be wiped out by those with the power to do so over it. The second is to bring about the energy based currency of technocracy. In the words of Admiral Akbar: "It's a Trap!".

      That is not to say that federal reserve note isn't well along that same path, but most people don't have a clue about it. Cryptos take the next step in getting people to accept it conceptually.

    2. Astute observation and a stance I have held a long time. Even if crypto fails but desensitizes the Idiocracy to the value proposition of cash it will have won a critical victory ... and for the banks and the swamp its all about more control.

  3. Trump's handlers over at APIAC are the one's pushing for the crypto ban. It only takes one country to adopt a fixed blockchain driven currency like Bitcoin for it to become a world dominating power.