Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Trump's Top Economic Adviser's Not Exactly Ringing Endorsement of Fed Chairman Powell

Larry Kudlow
How safe is Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jay Powell's position as chairman of the Fed?

“I will say that unequivocally, at the present time, yes he is safe,” President Trump's National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow said at CNBC’s Capital Exchange event.

"At present"? Not exactly powerful support.

Kudlow went on to bash the Fed’s last rate increase in December as “unnecessary.”  A position also held by his boss, comb-over man.

I give Powell no longer than the end of the year as head of the Fed.

Trump wants serious money printers in charge of the Fed.

Hug your gold coins tonight.


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  1. Hey RW, given the passing of two great business leaders, Lee Iacocca and Ross Perot as of today, what do you think a presidency of either one of these would have done overall? I would guess neither are libertarians, but far preferable to the criminal rabble of the Bush family and Clintons.