Sunday, August 11, 2019

12-Year Old Nigerian Kids Build Very Useful Robots

I love free market innovation.



  1. I hope those Nigerians stay in their home country and do not come here to the US. Nigeria and Africa needs people like them to stay and improve things. Too bad there are not enough these kind here to run a functional first world society in Africa.

    1. I know a Nigerian software engineer - Harward degree, etc, he is good - and libertarian-minded. Apparently, there's an ethical group in Nigeria (Ibgo) which has average IQ similar to Singaporeans or Ashkenazi. They would be better off writing code here than running e-mail scams from Abuja.

    2. I've seen some LinkedIn post from Nigerians commenting on various issues. The smart ones know that the corruption and disorganization is dragging them down economically but between the corrupt smart ones and low IQ citizens they kind have an uphill battle. I actually feel bad them in that regard.

  2. Come on over to the US! We'd love to have you.