Wednesday, August 21, 2019

How Trump's Tax "Cuts" Are Costing Travelling Nurses Big Time

Charles W. emails:
My wife has been a Nurse for 35 years and for many years she was a "Traveling Nurse".  Traveling Nurses arose in the 1970s, if what I've read on the 'Net is True.

TNs would contact a Recruiter (or vice versa) and look for openings at Hospitals that needed Nurses for three month contracts.  Housing was usually provided and it was a great way for a Nurse to "See the States".  (It all seemed expensive to me but  it worked and everyone was happy.  Well...most were...My wife has stories...).

Last years "Save the Universe Tax Bill" changed all of that:
 So now the Deductions Schedule needs a Byzantine Nuclear Physicist to figure it all out and some Recruiters are balking.  The planes are coming down from the skies and they need runways NOW.
RW note: The devil is always in the details of so-called "tax cuts," never trust any complex tax cut program. The only tax cut program that can be counted on is when a president says something like "I am reducing tax rates by 20% across the board." That's it, no complex programs, just across the board tax rate cuts from where things currently stand. Anything else is a scam that will only benefit those closest to power, and squeeze, one way or another, everyone else.

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  1. I have a relative that used to be an accountant. He showed me a spreadsheet for individuals and small businesses that for most situations most small businesses and individuals ended up with a meaningful tax break. I'm not sure how the nurse thing works, so maybe they lost because of too damn many rules in the tax code.

    I have a friend in one of those high tax libtard states that lost since he could not take the deductions that were in 2017.