Saturday, August 3, 2019

Why the Federal Reserve Sucks

"Why the Federal Reserve Sucks" is a new book by Murray Sabrin.

From a review of the book at Amazon:
"Why the Federal Reserve Sucks" is a bold, but
challenging title/book that must be read word for word. Dr./Prof. Murray Sabrin has written a very educational (the theory and history of economic policy from all sides of the spectrum) and informative (Fed. Chairmen Alan Greenspan's, Ben Bernanke's and other's terribly confused actions and economic, bubble creations in their own words) book. What is the best part of the book is that he does not leave you, the reader, in their bewildered world of intellectual fog, but ends with an analysis of 100+ years of economic wisdom by brilliant economists. When you read the last sentence you will know why we live in a world of economic catastrophes and what thinking and actions can save the world, the monetary systems and your financial life.
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