Saturday, September 7, 2019

Are Trump's Minions Trading On Inside Information?

Here is an intriguing comment from global political and war correspondent Eric Margolis:
According to the great military thinker, Maj. Gen. J.F.C. Fuller, ‘the object of war is not victory.  It is to achieve political goals.’

Too bad President Donald Trump does not read books.  He has started economic wars against China, Russia, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela without any clear strategic objective beyond inflating his ego as the world’s premier warlord and punishing them for disobedience.

Trump’s wars are economic.
They deploy the huge economic and financial might of the United States to steamroll other nations that fail to comply with orders from Washington.  Washington’s motto is ‘obey me or else!’  Economic wars are not bloodless.  Imperial Germany and the Central Powers were starved into surrender in 1918 by a crushing British naval blockade.

Trade sanctions are not making America great, as Trump claims.  They are making America detested around the globe as a crude bully.  Trump’s efforts to undermine the European Union and intimidate Canada add to this ugly, brutal image.

Worse, Trump’s tariff war against China has damaged the economy of both nations, the world’s leading economic powers, and raised tensions in Asia.  The world is facing recession in large part due to Trump’s ill-advised wars.  All to prove Trump’s power and glory...

Trump’s ultimate objective, as China clearly knows, is to whip up a world crisis over trade, then dramatically end it – of course, before next year’s elections.  Trump has become a master dictator of US financial markets, rising or lowering them by surprise tweets.  No president should ever have such power, but Trump has seized it.

There is no telling how much money his minions have made in short or long selling on the stock market thanks to insider information.  America’s trillion dollar markets have come to depend on how Trump feels when he wakes up in the morning and watches Fox news, the Mother of Misinformation.
Is it being done?

I have no idea.

Could it be done?


I watch markets pretty closely and there is nothing obvious that I have spotted. That said, Trump moves all markets with his tweets and his comments so someone could "hide" insider trading by trading in some very liquid markets.

Almost as curious is Margolis raising the possibility in the first place. I wonder who he is talking to and what they know.



  1. Robert, maybe you should start a new stock index fund that bases its buying and selling on Trump's tweets. Think it could fly?

    1. I doubt that this would work (consistently). The way to make real money is to know what tweets Trump is about to send out and then trade before he does, not to trade on tweets that are already out there.