Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Fighting the Minimum Wage: McDonald’s Makes a Move to Automate the Drive-Thru

McDonald’s has announced that it has agreed to acquire Apprente, a company that is trying to automate the drive-thru. It’s the fast-food giant’s third tech-focused deal this year, reports CNBC.

Apprente, a Silicon Valley company founded in 2017, uses artificial intelligence to understand drive-thru orders, which could cut down on service times. McDonald’s said the technology also could be used someday in its self-order kiosks and mobile app.

McDonald’s stock, which has a market value of $167 billion, is up 22% this year.



  1. I guess the anti-immigrant crowd will be against automation at McDonald’s too since said automation will put Americans out of work.

    1. It's even worse than that. The machines aren't of western European heritage, and won't vote for state-managed borders.

  2. I am betting that AI is far superior to TI (Teenage Intelligence), because WHENEVER I go through a drive-thru at any fast food restaurant, some stupid, dim-witted, mouth-breathing, over-paid teen screws up my order! Very infuriating, to make such a discovery when you're 3 miles away at home.