Friday, September 6, 2019

Is Trump Treating the Southern States More Like Tiffany Than Ivanka?

Ivanka and Tiffany
While the economy, in general, remains in the boom phase of the Fed-created and manipulated boom-bust cycle, there is one sector of the economy that is facing downward pressure right now, the trade sector.

According to a monthly report from staffing firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc., companies announced plans to eliminate 10,488 positions because of “trade difficulties.” It’s the first time this reason for layoffs has been so large that it has been included in the report as a separate category.

“Employers are beginning to feel the effects of the trade war and imposed tariffs by the U.S. and China. In fact, trade difficulties were cited as the reason for over 10,000 job cuts in August," said Andrew Challenger, Vice President of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

“A number of industries are experiencing job cut announcements well above last year’s numbers, all in sectors related to Retail, Housing, Energy, Manufacturing, and Automotive. They also tend to be in sectors that are grappling with some sort of legislation, tariff, or regulation,” said Challenger.

With the Fed pumping money aggressively, it is Trump himself with his buffoonish mercantilist trade policies pushing pins into the overall economy that could destroy his chance at re-election.

He will likely end the trade war with China and declare victory but he is taking his supporters on a roller coaster ride that few want.

Notes Challenger:
While job cuts are up in every region, companies located in the Southern United States have seen the largest jump in job cut announcements, as employers in this region have announced 53% more job cuts than through the same period last year: 90,337 compared to 58,964 in 2018.
That's red meat Trump country. He is making life miserable for his own. He is treating them more like Tiffiny than Ivanka.


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  1. If the idiot in chief does come to his senses and ends the trade war that he was never going to win, he still wont be held accountable for all the damage done by anyone.

    The man is a sovereign traitor that will be lauded by the idiocracy!