Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Russia’s Huge Gold Stash Is Now Worth More Than $100 Billion But What is the Deal With US Government Gold Holdings?

Russia has quadrupled its gold reserves in the past decade as it diversified away from U.S. assets, reports Bloomberg.

In the past year, as gold prices trade at a six-year high, the value of  Russia’s gold jumped 42% to $109.5 billion and the metal now makes up the biggest share of Russia’s total reserves since 2000.

Nice trade, Vlad.

But, as I point out in the EPJ Daily Alert, the climb is just beginning.

I should also point out that there has never been a thorough audit of the gold held by the Treasury at Fort Knox, so it is very unclear as to the quantity and quality of the gold held by the United States government.


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  1. The Knox Audit is a lot like the FED audit - a fantasy. China and Russia's huge acquisition of physical PM's means it has to come from somewhere.