Thursday, October 10, 2019

Pay Out News From the Social Security Ponzi Scheme

Charles Ponzi
In the wacky world of mandatory government Ponzi-scheme retirement programs, the scammers have announced that the cost-of-living adjustment for 2020 will be 1.6%.

Of course, they wouldn't dare adjust the scam payments to the rates paid on private sector non-coerced retirement plans.

It's always some kind of voodoo magic goalposts that have nothing to do with the way private sector free market programs operate that they operate under.

The youth, forced to pay into the program, are the ones that are really going to get screwed.



  1. The most screwed are those born in the early to mid 1970s. Once SS goes bankrupt and collapses the youth will be free of it as it goes away. But those born in the 1970s who started working after the FICA taxes were increased will pay their entire working lives only for it to collapse right around when it comes time to collect.

    1. Yep, exactly right! And, thanks for the reminder. Ugh. (Was born in 1972) :-\

  2. Hah, I'll die long before it goes broke!!! Neener Neener.
    Of course, that's a joke. What kind of a world is it where he who dies first wins.
    It's true, though...