Monday, October 7, 2019

Central Bank Price Inflation Propaganda Campaign of the Year....

...from the Bank of Jamaica.

The video below is really put out by the bank:

Inflation in Jamaica is currently around 4%:

Then there is this:

According to The Wall Street Journal, next up for the central bank: a single and music video inspired by dancehall star Sean Paul’s 2005 hit “Temperature,” featuring what the bank hopes will become a viral craze called the Inflation Dance.

The video campaign is linked to a bankster "austerity" program after the IMF loaned the country's government over $1 billion from a combined 15 bailouts that started in 1962.

WSJ again:
 Bank of Jamaica, the IMF and government officials are big fans of the music campaign...In September, former IMF managing director Christine Lagarde praised the use of reggae to explain inflation targeting, and remembered fondly how government officials here made her sing “La Vie En Rose” to a reggae beat.
Price inflation averaged 19.2% between 1990 and 2010 annually and there is nothing wrong with bringing inflation down but the central bank shouldn't be printing any money at all (which is what causes price inflation). The banksters want lower inflation so that it is easier to scalp the citizens through taxation to pay back the bailout loans.


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